Founded in 2009 by Courtney Washington in her mother’s living room, the Iconic International House of Juicy Couture is one of the most distinguished and awarded houses in the NYC Kiki scene. However, it wasn’t an overnight success. Built on family, passion, and love the Iconic House has grown to become one of the most active and game changing houses in the ballroom scene.

From a living room in Brooklyn to being the first $1,000 house, Juicy Couture is the definition of impact. From TV appearances to tours, the House and its members have been seen on VICE TV’s My House, FX’s Pose, Hulu’s Kiki, and recently HBOMax’s Legendary, where they won Season 3 beat out nine other mainstream houses, bringing home over $100,000.

The House of Juicy Couture has won the “HMI House of The Year” five times within the past 13 years—three of the five years consecutive—and the first and only house to win “House of the Year” three times at the People’s Choice Awards. The House is also the first and only Kiki house to win “Kiki House of the Year” back-to-back at the NYC Ballroom Awards, where only one award is given to a Kiki house.

The house was recently on the “Sibling Rivalry Tour” with Bob the Drag Queen and Monet x Change, traveling to perform across multiple states. Other performances include Queens Pride, Nordstrom Pride, and Orlando Pride.

Watch a Compilation of the Season 3 Legendary Winners