Bryson Rose
Senior Director, Advocacy & Capacity Building

Bryson Rose currently serves as the Senior Director of the Center for LGBTQ Youth Advocacy and Capacity Building at the Hetrick-Martin Institute. Bryson has spent the past 7 years collaborating with government agencies, educational institutions, and NGOs to build capacity around supporting the needs of LGBTQIA+ youth. Additionally, Bryson spearheads HMI’s advocacy efforts, lobbying for systems-level change at both the local and state level to ensure equity and dignity for LGBTQIA+ youth, communities, and their families. He also serves on the New York State Health and Human Services LGBT Network working to increase access to affirming and culturally responsive mental health services. Prior to this, Bryson was the Program Manager for Adolescent Sexual Health & Reproductive Justice in the Youth Services Division of HMI’s youth programs.

Bryson’s area of focus include addressing health disparities through the lenses of trauma informed care, healing centered engagement, anti-oppressive frameworks, historical trauma work, community centered solution creation, and writing as healing. Bryson’s writing has been featured on the FreshXpress as well as The Huffington Post and he appeared on NY’s Fox 5 as a sexual health expert for World AIDS Day 2017. In 2017, Bryson was the recipient of the inaugural Notable Alumni Award from the College of Arts & Sciences at Ohio University, his alma mater.

Though currently residing in Harlem, Bryson is native of Columbus, OH and enjoys all things Midwestern: Ohio State football and basketball, homecomings and tailgating, and the changing of seasons. Bryson is a proud member of the Kappa Xi Lambda chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., the nation’s oldest and premier African American fraternity.