Angel’s Story

Coming out takes a lot of courage and finesse. Before I start, I must say that a true family bond will never be broken by one’s sexuality. My story starts out in Miami, Florida. I remember the day like yesterday. It was a Sunday morning and I was walking around the house for about 3 hours thinking of how I was going to tell my mother that I was gay and had a boyfriend. Mind you the only reason I was telling her this was so my “boyfriend” could come over and it wouldn’t draw suspicion of what we were doing. Anyway I sat her down, started tearing up, fearing rejection. Before I got the chance to mutter the words, “Hey mom, I’m gay”, she immediately responded with “Hey when is your lil boyfriend coming over? I’m making some arroz con gandules.” My face went from complete fear to laughter because she knew the whole time, and I had nothing to worry about. All my worries were for absolute nothing. Moral of the story is your mother knows you better than anyone.

National Coming Out Day 2018