Hailing from Ghana and Nigeria, Aisha Diori (she/her), aka Glitteratie, shatters the mold of your average Event Director. A self-proclaimed Pan-Africanist, she’s a powerhouse who wears many hats – all with the same mission: empowerment.

Boasting over 20 years of experience, Aisha isn’t just an event curator and host; she’s an award-winning marketing and advertising whiz with an innovative spirit and a knack for captivating audiences through advertising and communication. Now, she channels those skills into special event directing, maximizing community engagement with every project she touches.

But Aisha’s passion transcends event planning. She’s a bridge builder, fostering connections and forging collaborations between diverse communities and networks. This passion fueled the creation of Africa Everything, a social-conscious collective dedicated to empowering young adults in West Africa and fostering engagement within the African Diaspora.

Aisha’s impact extends far and wide. An award-winning trailblazer in the LGBTQIA+ sphere, she’s the creator and collaborator behind many influential HIV prevention projects specifically targeting LGBTQIA+ youth. She’s also the visionary founder of the Kiki Ballroom scene, a safe space that empowers a historically marginalized community.

Her expertise is a coveted resource. Aisha has lent her knowledge to various community boards and core House Ballroom organizations. She’s even served as an advisor to critically acclaimed documentaries, books, and movies that delve into the underground Kiki and House Ballroom scenes.

Aisha Diori “Glitteratie” is more than just a name. She’s a force of nature, a community champion, and a tireless advocate for empowerment, leaving an indelible mark on everything she touches.