Kelly Moffat (she/her) is the Co-Founder and COO at Kirrin Finch, a Brooklyn-based company that makes menswear-inspired apparel for women, trans and non-binary folks. 

In 2015, after working for many years in education, Kelly and her wife Laura decided to solve an issue they encountered every day: trying to get dressed! At the time, neither of them knew anything about fashion, but what they did know was that dressing authentically was important to them, and they wanted to give others that same feeling. Today, Kirrin Finch makes everything from suits to shirts.

When she isn’t involved with the daily workings of Kirrin Finch, Kelly is wrangling her six-year-old twins on an adventure, serving on the National Board of the Human Rights Campaign, or hanging out with her dog Bea Arthur.

She graduated from Binghamton University with a BS in Education and Human Development. After graduation, Kelly moved to NYC to join the Teaching Fellows and worked in the NYC Public School System for eight years. She has two Masters degrees, one in Elementary Education and one in Information and Library Science from Brooklyn College and St. John’s University. All are obviously very relevant to owning a clothing company!