DaQuane Cherry is a self-taught artist as his medium focal point is acrylic texture painting. Storytelling would grow to be his main attraction through the likes of his branding of his teddy bear paintings. DaQuane strives of individuality and expression, whether it’s through his canvas, hair, style or even selection of music. He is himself when he embraces himself. His work revolves around keeping your inner child alive, embracing thy childishness.

DaQuane references the teddy bear in his work, as an escape for everyone to their inner childhood — fantasizing the ways of imagination and innovation in which a child does effortlessly. As kids we give them names, a storyline and as we grow older, we forget them… so he rewrites and paints their journey. The colors of the white bear, and bold red snout with black nose, accompanied with blue and yellow ears represent the foundation of art as they are the primary colors. Without them, it would leave the world black and white. The idea is for the audience to envision a life where reality blends with imagination.

DaQuane wants to leave this world knowing he has made someone feel their most vulnerable self in a way that makes them express their imagination. He was born in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, where from a young age, he battled from copious amounts of turmoil, causing him to practically raise himself from the tender age of 15. At 19, Cherry made the life-changing decision to relocate to New York City, a move that would ignite and nurture his innate creativity, propelling him towards personal and artistic growth.